Majority rules, stay strong

Majority rules, stay strong

Reading the Detroit Free Press just got on my nerves, the cover story “Hopes on hold for gay marriage supporters” I am thankful Judge Friedman postponed the decision, even though he should just stand up and say no, the citizens have voted. 
The court should NOT overturn “VOTERS’ decision!!! majority rules. sorry they will just have to wait until voter’s vote agian. the “court” or a judge should NOT have the power to overrule the people. then it becomes a dictatorship, they have too much power and then people have no say in the matter

“WE THE PEOPLE” of the United States.

And how in the world is gay marriage more important than the lousy government shutdown, and how we are paying our congressmen to sit home and do nothing, while American veterans, who have fought with blood, sweat, and tears , for this country don’t get paid and aren’t even allowed in to Arlington Cemetery or any of the National Parks.

That is where the press should be…
Shining the light on the horribly failing government.