Where is my heart

You stand on a barren ledge, a narrow precipice jutting out over a gaping void. A stiff wind jostles your person, and rushes by your ears producing an unending sound, halfway between a rustle and a whistle- annoying to the point of insanity.

You look down into the void straining to see -anything, hoping beyond innocent hope to make out the depth and breadth of such a crevasse. You expect to find ordinary darkness born from the lack of light. Your hopes are crushed. The weight of what you do not see drags you to your knees. Now your neck and shoulder also bare the strain of searching the gaping abyss. Alas there is only the pitch blackness born of sheer nothingness, a place literately made by the lack of anything at all, forcing it into existence. Reorganization dawns slowly and excruciatingly one hand clutches your chest as your lips spread to a full toothed grimace. there can be heard a thin wail of utter despair. This place should have held your heart.


Right of Authorship.


My Deep Sea

I sit on the comforting beach with the wind whispering gently against my cheeks, watching the sun rise over the traveling waters. But I feel empty with all this beauty around me.  Somewhere along my winding path I have lost part of myself on my way to these endless arms of the shore.

The tide kisses the lips of the shore, with a tumble and tousle of the waves, before it is pulled back out to the endless sea, taking a few grains of the vast shoreline with it.  Some grains of sand go happily willing to float along with its love, where others are dragged out and away.  The shore can’t hold all of her pieces together no matter how she tries, the loving water takes what it wishes, holding part of her hostage till he has had enough. He had offered her his world, but she refused. She has her own that needs her support. She slowly gives part of her to him so that they can continue to stay together. She loves being held up by him. But she can’t float forever. The further she gets from the shore the harder it is to stay afloat, and she sinks to the bottom of the deep deep sea. She joins the other forgotten parts of  herself, and her journey ended all too soon.

This heart of mine is broken in shards and slivers of lost memories as the shore is taken slowly out to sea.