How to Help Someone With Depression

Depression grabs hold to alot of people in many different ways. I know I suffer first hand but having someone show empathy truly does help you through the day. I wish I could be more open. But please if you know someone suffering, stick out your hand in support

Seth Adam Smith

Because I’m open about my depression, I get a lot of emails from people who are worried about a loved one who is struggling. How can I help them? they ask.

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Well, that’s a really tough question to answer, because most of the time I don’t really know how to help myself. The nature of depression is to drain energy and hope from the body, leaving us feeling helpless and alone.

That being said, that feeling can be overcome by the empathy and compassion of others.

About six months into my marriage, I started to go through a really intense episode of depression. It felt like a thick cloud of sadness had settled on me and I began to withdraw from others—including my wife, Kim.

Obviously, Kim noticed the difference and tried everything she could to help me. But I insisted that I didn’t want to talk about it, that I…

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