Seconds pass, then minutes, days, years,

Time does not slow when the journey gets rough.

Along the way there will be tears,

But don’t stop even though each step is tough.


Each day given to you is a gift,

Do not squander it share your light across the land.

Lift those that drift

Give them a hand to help them to stand


Each of us has a talent,

That we must use to make life better.

We must not remain stagnant,

We must not fall to the lie that we don’t matter,

But remain hopeful and look out past the gutter.Image


“The tree remains, but not the hands that planted it.”


Not quite sure what I was going for but, here it is! I just kept writing it out.

any honest opinion on my writing would be appreciated!

did the poem make sense to the readers? Did you get my message I wanted to share?