Taking the LEFT ROAD is the RIGHT PATH

WordPress Post A Day – ‘Tis the season for road trips — if time and money were out of the equation, what car-based adventure would you go on? (If you don’t or can’t drive, any land-based journey counts.)

I truly enjoy road trips! my family: parents five sisters and my two brothers have been to 28 STATES.  and we plan to visit each as a family. But honestly traveling in a fifteen passenger van cross country can take a tense toll on any family. So If time and responsibility were out of the equation I would just drive, no Electronics/Technology. Only a paper map 🙂 and just drive, stop when I need to use the bathroom or eat food. Visit where just I want too, any place that looks interesting. This type of road trip is the best to clear the mind and ground yourself again. Find a cute small town, shack up for a while and get a job for a time to try it out.  Honestly the freedom to make my own choices without having to be responsible or considerate of others feelings would be the best road trip. 

*I have changed the prompt from “time and money” to “time and responsibility”, because I feel “Travel while you’re young, and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.” At this age this is what I live by. I still go to school full time and I work but I save that money so I can travel instead of buying materialistic items because those only last for a short time, memories last a life time! 


Stand and Listen to the shadows

Standing still in the early morning, I think about the nights I spent counting back the days to when I was last by your side. If, only you weren’t so far away.  But the cold granite stone is as close as I will get to by you side. The January chill in the air froze my heart, as I look at the untreded layer of snow upon the ground; I remember a morning just like this one.

A fresh fluffy blanket of white snow was covering the early January morning. The crunching of snow breaks the nature’s silence, as crisp black shoes scar the white snow with a print that cannot be undone. The figures dressed in all black walk silently to the church on the hill, a few acknowledge the young lady dressed in white standing watching others tear the blanket of snow. Many figures past by without acknowledging her presence walking through the heavy church doors to their pews.

                That young lady, dressed in white, quietly and slowly is the last to take the walk to the church on the hill.  At a closer glance, she walks stepping in previous footsteps in the snow, not wanting to wound anything else. The day is pained enough all ready. As she reaches the heavy oak doors she is reminded of a tree that will remain but not the hands that planted it have withered away and will soon turn to dust once buried. 

                Pulling the heavy doors open, she tugs her ripping heart tighter as the gentle weeping and moaning reach her numb ears. Her eyes immediately fall on the open casket in the center of the church, and she is unable to move as she watches the face she so loved be slowly closed from her view for the last time. As the casket is closed she takes a place in the comforting shadows of the last pew.


I wish I had those comforting shadows now.