To Hate the Mirror

Some say its just a image of yourself,

that there is no deeper being within.

But the mirror,

the mirror tells one their life.


I don’t just see myself looking back at me from the mirror,

I see each person who helped paint my self portrait,

some painted alluring scenery

where some left gaping wounds and scars

and others painted gracefully,

around the scars trying to make some beauty out of the pain.

But each painter added something to my portrait
making me that the mirror reflects.


The mirror taunts ones of their life

showing a glimpse of your beauty outside and within,

before piercing you with the knife that cuts to core

tearing open the gates hiding your pain away from the world.

your smile splinters away


your eyes show the chaos within



You see the dark shadows churning within yourself

the tears slip from your eyes

You see your self portrait.


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